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Semi-finished products for the goldsmithing sector since 1974.
Fior is an Italian company specialised in the production of spring rings, stamped clasps and beads used to complete and embellish jewels made all over the world; work inspired by the pursuit of maximum quality and wanting to guarantee custom-made products and services for all customers.




Quality semi-finished products in all alloys and all carats

Searching for maximum quality, reliability and function is our main mission. Know-how gained over decades of activity and use of cutting-edge technologies created by us are the basic assumptions for listening to and flexibly satisfying all the different market requests, from large industrial companies to small artisan laboratories. Our exclusive specialisation in semi-finished products means we can offer all carats and alloys, in all the different colours in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, goldfilled and brass, with production adaptable to all markets and targets.



The beginning: the intuition of Enio Luciano Calvani

Arezzo is one of the world’s most important goldsmithing districts. This area’s manufacturing vocation represented a strong stimulus for the then twenty seven year-old Enio Luciano Calvani who, in 1974, decided to invest resources and skills and set up a company to serve the gold and silver sectors. Fior was set up with its first five employees and plenty of enthusiasm; over time it specialised in the automated production of spring rings, stamped clasps, beads and other semi-finished products.

Growth: success in international markets

From the very start, investment in research and development enabled us to directly design and create the instruments needed to produce our semi-finished products; thus promoting a steady modernisation of the processes and continual development of the single work stages. This dynamism and urge to innovate were a must for an increasingly more international dimension in the 80s; allowing us to extend beyond the Italian borders and export all over the world, and be present extensively in all continents.

Innovation: the contribution of the second generation

Our company now relies on fifty five employees who, with professionalism and passion, work daily in the company’s 3500 square metre in Ponticino facility designed to house the different production chain stages and enable staff to work in people-friendly environments.
In the meantime, the legacy of the founder, Enio Luciano, was taken on by his offspring Ilaria, Beatrice and Antonio who ran the company alongside their father and helped modernise activities and keep them up-to-date. The second generation of Calvanis has steered Fior into the third millennium and promoted its success among the leading international companies in the sector, by covering almost a third of the world market with its semi-finished products.

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